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Help Us So We Can Help!

The concert “Signed with the Heart 2011“ created a new opportunity to join the efforts to help people suffering from Alzheimer disease and seniors with the syndrome of helplessness. This new opportunity is the chance to send donor SMS in the form DMS (space) ALZHEIMERSTOP to cell phone No. 87777. It turned out that the goals of the Fund and their presentation have captivated the general public.

During the ninety minutes of the concert’s duration almost 24000 people decided to support the Fund by sending their DMS, which rounded up to 643000 CZK. According to the agreement with the Donors’ Fund (FD), this money will be used to select and train future assistants to the patients in cases when the family decides to keep their diseased relatives at home. Of course, if their condition and physician permit.

The agreement with the Donors’ Fund makes it possible for the Signed with the Heart Charity Fund to continue with this campaign during the whole year 2012, with the support of prominent persons in culture, arts, sports and society (see the title text).

Support Help us so we can help also during the whole year 2012 by means of sending your SMS in the form DMS (space) ALZHEIMERSTOP to cell phone No. 87777.
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