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Signed with the Heart Club

The growing interest in the Alzheimer disease relief and in the agenda of Signed with the Heart Charity Fund led us to the idea of establishing a Signed with the Heart Club, associating not only families of people suffering from the disease but also all those who wish to help. The Club would serve experience sharing, mutual consultations at the meetings of those touched by this terrible disease as in case of Alzheimer problem not only the actually ill are influenced but also their families and close friends.

We also consider publishing an e-magazine which would serve not only the aforesaid experience sharing among lay people and all persons interested, it would also be a platform for the discussion between physicians, specialists and pharmacists dealing with the disease. Thus it would offer the public a free and extensive access to essential and new information. All groups connected with Alzheimer disease would thus have the chance to obtain information about recent pharmaceutical developments and recommendations of medication, which can at least put the hitherto incurable disease to a halt. Also an offer of recommended physical exercise for patients in earlier stages of the disease would surely be of interest.  

Services of accredited assistants for families with an Alzheimer-suffering member, if they prefer to keep their loved one in the family circle at home, will be also advertised in the e-magazine.

For those whose social, professional or health condition does not make it possible to keep their loved ones in home care, the e-magazine would bring information and recommendation of care facilities, their vacancies, quality of services and prices for the stay of long term ill patients and those suffering from Alzheimer disease.
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