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Signed with the Heart 2011 yielded 1.659.750 CZK

The 17th year of Signed with the Heart benefit concert and auction ranks among the historically most successful ones both by its financial contribution of more than one and half million Czech crowns, and – mainly – by the response it won among the present guests, as well as by high Czech TV viewer ratings and positive opinion expressed. The first sign of success occurred two weeks before the concert took place, when it was no longer possible to obtain tickets in the value of 290 CZK

After being exhibited at the Topičův salon, Národní třída, Prague 1, starting one week before the benefit night, from 28th November to 2nd December 2011, the artworks to be auctioned were presented to the guests of the festive evening Signed with the Heart 2011. This happened on Saturday 3rd December 2011 at 18:30 in Top Hotel Prague, when the hotel lobby opened to receive the first guests. During the welcome programme with a cocktail party, the guests could also view on lobby screens the history of the Signed with the Heart concerts and information about current objectives of the Signed with the Heart Charity Fund. From that moment on they had a chance to join the ALZHEIMERSTOP and helplessness syndrome relief annual campaign that thus commenced.    

The guests could support the campaign by purchasing bibliophile books from Euromedia Publishers, or musical CDs produced by Prague Cherry Agency, mainly though by purchasing assigned bidder numbers giving them the right to participate at the benefit auction which was opened at 20:00 in the Top Hotel Praha main hall under the supervision of 1. Art Consulting Praha – Brno. The names of artists who donated their works enhanced high prestige of the event.

Works donated by Jiří Anderle, Alex Brychta, Jan Brychta, Ludmila Brychtová, Tomáš Císařovský, Jiří David, Michal Gabriel, Kristián Kodet, Ivan Komárek, Jan Kubíček, Aleš Lamr, Jaroslav Milfajt, Stefan Milkov, Ivan Ouhel, Michael Rittstein, Jaromír Rybák, Antonín Střížek, Čestmír Suška and Aleš Vašíček from the art stock of Topičův salon were supplemented by some other outstanding works by prominent artists such as Václav Boštík, Josef Čapek, Jiří Kolář, Jiří Načeradský, Zdeněk Sýkora and Jitka Válová.     

Despite the fact that the price of some of the auctioned artworks appeared to be beyond the financial possibilities of the guests present, the overall auction result was excellent: 428000 CZK, from which 395000 CZK was immediately transferred to the Charity Fund’s bank account!

Immediately after the end of the auction, the benefit concert “Viva, Frank Sinatra!“ began with the Golden Big Band Prague under the baton of Petr Sovič. The concert, directed by Petr Soukup according to the screenplay by Vladimír Mertlík and Věra Pavlíková was live transmitted by the Czech TV. The programme hosted by actors Vojtěch Kotek and Iva Pazderková offered exclusively Frank Sinatra’s songs performed by singers Leona Machálková, Monika Absolonová, Peter Lipa, Jitka Zelenková, Richard Nedvěd, Iva Pazderková, Ondřej Ruml, Shahab Toulouie, David Deyl, Martina Bártová and Petr Sovič.

The programme’s special guests who also earned a special acclaim were members of Children’s Singing Choir Kožíšky/Little Fur Coats, consisting of pupils from a small village school in Líšnice near Prague. The Amos Band who delivered the accompanying music was composed of the pupils’ teachers and parents. 

A very emotional atmosphere was set by film shots of cameraman Jan Matiášek, taken at the Alzheimercenter in Průhonice, Filipov and Zlosyň, as well as at the U dobrého pastýře/The Good Shepherd Hospice in Čerčany. All these facilities are among those supported by the Signed with the Heart Charity Fund. 

During the concert the charity Fund also presented film spots of personalities who joined the donor campaign DMS ALZHEIMERSTOP on cell phone No. 87777.  Among the first who lent their face, voice and slogan to the campaign were actors Jan Tříska, Jiří Suchý, Karel Šíp, Petr Janda and Stanislav Zindulka who personally participated in the show.

Preparations of the next, 18th year of our charity project, Signed with the Heart 2012, have started just in the following days.
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