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Old age meets once each of us.



The authors of the script for the traditional benefit project Signed with the Heart whose proceeds have helped those in need by means of a Charity Fund of the same name for whole 17 years, have decided to alter substantially the evening’s dramaturgy.

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The Signed with the Heart Charity Fund‘s bank balance is increasing

The response to the Signed with the Heart TV broadcast concert has brought about a continued interest of supporters and contributors. Thus, from 3rd December on, financial donations keep arriving in the Signed with the Heart Charity Fund’s account from hitherto unknown benefactors who were impressed by the broadcast presentation of the Fund’s objectives.
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Help Us So We Can Help!

The concert “Signed with the Heart 2011“ created a new opportunity to join the efforts to help people suffering from Alzheimer disease and seniors with the syndrome of helplessness. This new opportunity is the chance to send donor SMS in the form DMS (space) ALZHEIMERSTOP to cell phone No. 87777. It turned out that the goals of the Fund and their presentation have captivated the general public.

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Young&Hearts Chorus Tour 2012

The Czech audiences will finally have the chance to enjoy the unique internationally known singing choir Young&Hearts Chorus, during their European tour from 23rd June to 7th July 2012.

What makes this thirty-member chorus from the American Northampton quite astounding? A wonderful repertory, consisting of the music of the Rolling Stones, James Brown, The Clash, Neil Young and many more rock and blues stars.
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Signed with the Heart Club

The growing interest in the Alzheimer disease relief and in the agenda of Signed with the Heart Charity Fund led us to the idea of establishing a Signed with the Heart Club, associating not only families of people suffering from the disease but also all those who wish to help. The Club would serve experience sharing, mutual consultations at the meetings of those touched by this terrible disease as in case of Alzheimer problem not only the actually ill are influenced but also their families and close friends.
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A truly generous collection of „The Generous Table“

The collection’s name, “the Generous Table”, held by tradition as part of the festive benefit evening Signed with the Heart, achieves better results each successive year. Also in 2011 it broke all previous records and yielded the total of 49670 CZK! From the overall number of 36 tables, 22 joined in the collection this year, which practically represents two-third participation.
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Help Us So We Can Help!
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