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The authors of the script for the traditional benefit project Signed with the Heart whose proceeds have helped those in need by means of a Charity Fund of the same name for whole 17 years, have decided to alter substantially the evening’s dramaturgy.

The usual concert, which opened the evening in the past, was moved to the end as a culmination point and, moreover, we undertook the risk of live TV broadcast. The reason behind was giving also the TV viewers the chance to participate in the charity by sending their donor SMS in the form “DMS  ALZHEIMERSTOP” to cell phone No. 87777.

How successful this approach has been is shown on other pages of our website. It is wonderful that the DMS campaign, which is going to last throughout the year 2012, has won the support of prominent personalities from culture, sports and society. Supportive spots with some of the celebrities could be made before the TV live broadcast of the concert on 3rd December 2011, so that also the TV viewers could see them. TV spots are being prepared with more celebrities and this activity shall coincide with a billboard and press campaign.

In case you did not have a chance to watch the concert live you can find it at www.ivysílání.cz under the name Signed with the Heart Concert. You may view the supportive spots also on this website (click here). 

The keen interest a number of personalities had shown and joined the project may inspire you to join as well and support the goals and plans of the Signed with the Heart Charity Fund.
You may do this easily by sending donor SMS in the form “DMS  ALZHEIMERSTOP” to cell phone No. 87777.

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