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Young&Hearts Chorus Tour 2012

The Czech audiences will finally have the chance to enjoy the unique internationally known singing choir Young&Hearts Chorus, during their European tour from 23rd June to 7th July 2012.

What makes this thirty-member chorus from the American Northampton quite astounding? A wonderful repertory, consisting of the music of the Rolling Stones, James Brown, The Clash, Neil Young and many more rock and blues stars.

Then it is the concert’s production, scenic arrangement and excellent singing performance. Above all though it is the fact that members of Young&Hearts Chorus can be and are just people older than 73, the oldest having 91 years!

The Czech TV recently gave a documentary about the chorus and life of its members. View the recording and you will find that the glimpses of both the private life of chorus members and of the performances are emotionally strong and moving. The genuine presentation of amateurs who decided to make it in the last years of their lives is the strong point, which compels standing ovation from the very first minutes of the concerts. We made our personal experience during their appearance at the Malta Festival in Poznan, Poland, in the spring of 2011.
Our production of their tour is not coincidental. The Signed with Heart Charity Fund has been active for more than 17 years and the goal of our activities is fundraising in favour of elderly persons suffering from Alzheimer disease, be it in home care or in an institution. We strive to improve their life quality. That is why we find this opportunity to introduce a singing choir composed of performers at an advanced age very fascinating. The choir inspires its audiences with the idea that it is usually never late and that one can live a very meaningful and admirable life at any age.

The proceeds from the Young&Hearts Chorus Tour 2012 will be transferred to the Signed with Heart Charity Fund bank account, and used to extend help to seniors suffering from Alzheimer disease and the syndrome of helplessness.

The Czech part of the tour will follow after concerts given in Western Europe, starting with Strasbourg performance on 23rd June 2012, as part of European Music Festival 2012. The choir will appear in Prague within music festival PROMS 2012, and the tour will finish at another festival in Trenčín, Slovakia. We consider these appearances within summer musical festivals, which always attract many young people to be an excellent promotion of our “ALZHEIMERSTOP!” campaign.

We believe that the festivals audiences will be impressed by the breath taking and unusual performance of the Young&Hearts Chorus members who often are of the same age as their audiences’ great grand parents. Enter in negotiations with us on the conditions of co-operation with the aim to jointly participate at the Young&Hearts Chorus concerts implementation at your location. You will not regret!  

Thank you very much.
Sincerely yours,
Vladimír Mertlík
Young&Heart Chorus Tour 2012

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