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A truly generous collection of „The Generous Table“

The collection’s name, “the Generous Table”, held by tradition as part of the festive benefit evening Signed with the Heart, achieves better results each successive year. Also in 2011 it broke all previous records and yielded the total of 49670 CZK! From the overall number of 36 tables, 22 joined in the collection this year, which practically represents two-third participation.

The collection’s principle is absolutely voluntary. As an incentive though there are pricey rewards in the form of gift baskets donated by Penam, Kostelecké uzeniny and other companies of the food division of Agrofert Holding. Apart from that, there are also gift parcels of luxury bibliophile books donated by Euromedia Publishers. These worthy prizes are given to each of the three times eight guests sitting at the three winning tables. And as almost all guests come in pairs, the double reward brings not just moral, but also quite earthly satisfaction. Tables with Nos. 1, 7 and 6 donated the highest amounts of 9150 CZK, 6000 CZK and 4020 CZK respectively. The guests sitting at table No. 16 had really bad luck – losing by mere 20 CZK to the third place in this anonymous game, when they donated 4000 CZK flat! Many thanks to all who decided to join this collection in the support of Signed with the Heart Charity Fund!

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